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Love your hair with our Ayurvedic Hair Oils



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Be a Hair Goddess Gift Box - Limited Edition

This is not just a collection of hair care essentials; it's a statement of self-love and empowerment. Embrace your inner goddess, revel in the luxuriousness of this curated set, and let your hair radiate the beauty that lies within. Unbox the magic, and Be a Hair Goddess today.

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Our Neem comb is made from 100% Neem wood and is gentle for your hair. They are antimicrobial and antiseptic. They are environmentally friendly too.

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SATIN Scrunchie

Our hair scrunchies are more then just accessories. They're a statement of hair love, hair confidence and healthy hair practices. Available in Green & Rose Gold.


SATIN Pillowcase

Our satin pillowcase will be beneficial for your hair as it has a super-smooth texture and your hair is able to glide on it without any friction, which means less frizz and less damage.

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Be a Hair Goddess

Our Hair Oils are more than just products.

They're a tool to help you unlock your confidence.

Hair is a form of empowerment.

It is connected to our identity.


After suffering with a dry scalp and quite a lot of hair fall I bought the Deeper Moment Hair oil. I've been using it at least twice a week and often leaving it over night for extra treatment. Over the last 6 weeks I've noticed new hairs growing, a reduction in the dryness on my scalp and overall it has left my hair feeling shinier and healthier. The pipette makes it super easy to get the product right into the roots too. I love this product and the hair oiling process has become part of my weekly self care routine!


Firstly I love the bottle and gentle scent. I am usually really reluctant to use a hair oil before washing but was drawn to the fact I could use the MOMENT Hair Oil as a serum also and have been super impressed with the hair oil. I’ve tried lots of hair oils in the past and never found ‘the one’ but do you know I think this just might be it! Love the product and it will last for ages.Thank you!


I’m absolutely in love with the MOMENT Hair Oil. I have fine, thin hair and so have always struggled with washing hair oils out, therefore I have not used consistently. However this oil is nourishing but yet thin enough to wash out easily the next morning without having to double wash my hair. I love the grounding and natural smell of the oil. It smells of goodness. My hair the next day no longer needs blow drying as it’s a lot softer and tame. I’m totally in love and I’m excited to finally have found a hair oil which is compatible with my hair type, and one which I will consistently use because I’m happy with it 😀.


I am in love with the MOMENT Hair oil. It has banished my dry scalp with just a few applications and has helped with accelerating my hair growth because of the wonderful ingredients.


I have never used oils before but it worked like magic after 4 weeks of continous use 2 times a week. I have thick hair so have been applying 8 drops before and after washing my hair and it doesn't make my hair oily or greasy at all. My itchy scalp has also disappeared!

Bhavini Patel

I have been using the Neem comb for over 2 months now and have seen less hair fall, less frizz and my hair felt softer after using it. It's such a beautiful, sustainable and naturally scented comb.


Highly recommend using a Neem comb! I've been using it for a month now and have noticed less hair fall compared to other combs, especially after washing my hair. Even my husband now has his own one after trying mine and loving it!


Love the MOMENT hair oil. It massages into the scalp beautifully and washes out easily too. The natural scent is refreshing and soothing. It's really conditioning and also helped smooth down frizz.


I am totally in love with DISCOVER. I love that I have total control over how I want the consistency of the blend to be based on what I feel my hair needs that day! I love how light and free my hair feels after using it, I don't even need to style it. My scalp feels like it can breathe and I feel like this organic blend is food for my hair!