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Our Story

We are REIKA Botanics

We create Ayurvedic inspired haircare with simple ingredient lists. We like taking a holistic approach to haircare and wellness. We believe that gentle yet effective plant based ingredients, paired with simple practices will not only contribute to healthy hair, but to the environment and to your own wellbeing.  

The REIKA way

  • Made with hands in small batches. Human not Robotic. We have full control of the manufacturing process and give our products all the love and feels they need and deserve.
  • Ayurvedic Inspired. We are on a mission to revive Ayurvedic ingredients for haircare and celebrate their purpose. 
  • A Holistic Approach. It's not just the products you use, your lifestyle and health also has an impact on your hair. We look at haircare as a whole experience for the mind, body and soul.
  • Multi-purpose. Make it work for you. Our products can be used in different ways to suit you, as we all have different hair and different preferences - we got you!
  • Hair Confidence - We all know that when you love your hair, you feel great. We are all about healthy haircare habits, practices and products to help you get your healthiest hair and feel confident and powerful in your hair.

Meet the Founder

Growing up I hated my hair. I did everything I could to try and change it. My hair was different to everyone around me and what was defined as “beautiful”. It was big and curly and everyone else had straight and sleek hair. I also suffered with alopecia areata in my teens and twenties and felt really insecure about my hair, this really affected my confidence. I used Ayurvedic oils to grow my hair back and now I am so proud of my hair and so grateful for my curls. Since then, I have been on a journey of learning to embrace and love my hair and it feels so liberating. I want to share this feeling with you too! I’ve developed powerful hair oils that nourish, condition, and protect your hair. My mission is to empower you to feel confident in your hair and love your hair, no matter what your hair type. Our hair oils are more than just a product, they’re a tool to help you unlock your confidence!

Taking care of our planet

At REIKA, we are proud to create formulas that are mostly organic. We also make our best effort to select recyclable packaging.