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Get yourself a Neem's why!

Our Neem Combs (MARGOSA) are made from the wood of a neem tree sourced and handmade in India. According to Ayurveda, the neem plant is known for its medicinal properties, especially for haircare.  

It is known to help with the following:

  • Encouraging hair growth - The comb helps to stimulate the hair follicles due to the increased blood circulation from the comb massaging the scalp. Since it's gentle, it doesn't scrape the skin and this increases healthy oil production.
  • Reduce hair fall - It's gentle on the scalp compared to plastic combs and doesn't tug at the roots. 
  • Prevents hair from getting static and frizzy - This is down to both hair and wood having a negative charge which helps the hair lay down and gives it a smoother look. The neem comb also easily distributes natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand which helps give your hair a healthy shine and keeps it moisturised. 
  • Reduces dandruff - Neem wood has proven antimicrobial properties, helping your scalp stay clean, preventing dry skin and dandruff.

It's also eco-friendly because it's durable, fast-growing, and drought-resistant. It's very easy to clean in some water and then dried thoroughly as it is natural wood. You can also rub a little oil into it to keep it healthy.

We think it's your hair and scalp's best friend and we all comb our hair already, so why not switch to an eco-friendly neem comb, it's such an easy thing to incorporate into your haircare routine.

Our favourite way to use the comb is daily every morning and evening and also whilst doing your hair oil ritual. It works really well to detangle the hair gently and distribute the hair oil equally. 

We have a choice of small or wide-tooth neem combs so you can choose what you prefer based on your hair type.  We think you should go get yourself a Neem comb! :)