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Introducing DISCOVER - Multi-purpose Hair Powder

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! We wanted to introduce you to our first product and why we decided to launch with this powerful blend of Ayurvedic powders.

Our first REIKA hair product is DISCOVER which is a multi-purpose hair powder for cleansing, detangling and nourishing your hair and scalp. It consists of 6 powerful hair-loving powders - Shikakai, Amla, Hibiscus, Bhringraj, Brahmi & Reetha. No natural synthetics and no bulking ingredients. We believe that everything we need for our hair already exists in nature, it's just about experimenting and educating yourself to find the right products that are made with the right ingredients. But not to worry, that's what we are here for! You can read about the benefits of these ingredients in our ingredients library.

DISCOVER is a multi-purpose product meaning that you can use it however it works best for you and your hair. It can be used as a weekly mask, an after-wash conditioning rinse or even as a gentle shampoo. The powerful powdered blend needs to be activated upon each use using either water, aloe vera, coconut milk, yoghurt, oils and more. You can change how you use it every single time until you find your preference based on your hair type and any hair challenges you may have. Anyone with any hair type can use this product.

We decided to call it DISCOVER as it means becoming aware of something you didn't know about. The Ayurvedic ingredients are herbs, fruits and flowers that have been used in India for hair, skin and overall health for many years. We want to celebrate them and showcase the benefits for your hair.

We hope we can help you DISCOVER the powerful magic in this product for your hair health.