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Switch to a Satin/Faux Silk Pillowcase

Since satin has a super smooth texture, your hair is able to glide on it without any friction, which means less frizz! It helps to keep your hair hydrated as it doesn't absorb any moisture from your hair, so if you have dry hair, definitely give it a try. 

We like keeping things simple here at REIKA Botanics, and this tip is an easy and effective change that you can make for your hair health. 

We chose to use satin (faux silk) for our FOREST pillowcases as traditional silk fabric is made from fiber that's spun by silkworms and they are harmed in the process. Satin has a very similar texture and no animals are harmed in the process which is why we opted for this fabric over silk.

Our FOREST pillowcase (standard pillowcase size) is a beautiful dark green colour and will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Are you going to change your pillowcase?